The Advantages of The Jump Manual in Improving the Height and Quality of Your Vertical Leap

OK guys, I’ve decided to make my first serious post about something I’ve always struggled with as a player – my vertical jump.

As a basketball player, it’s super important that you’d be able to jump high if you seek to have any chance of getting a contract and having a career in the game.

By having a strong vertical leap you’ll become a much more fierce and versatile force on the floor.

The problem is, most people have a hard time getting themselves to jump higher.

If you’re like me and you too have an issue with getting up, then you need to consider using The Jump Manual to improve your vertical jump.

Jumping – a hard skill to master, but crucial nonetheless.

Increase Your Vertical Jump

As a basketball athlete, you’re required to have excellent jumping skills and demonstrate speed and strength when playing.

With The Jump Manual, you’ll discover real tactics to jumping higher and perform better athletically.

Statistics show that when the program is followed closely, athletes improve their jumping performance drastically, as well as their endurance and neurologic response. And the jump manual is easy to follow as it contains videos, photos, and printable workout instructions that are all included.

My Personal Experience

For a long time I’ve debated with myself about whether or not I should give this program a try, but after using The Jump Manual I can confidently say that it’s definitely a quality program you should consider when looking to jump higher.

The Jump Manual shows you the nine variables of vertical jump and dives into each and every one of them thoroughly. This creates a multi-faceted approach unlike any other training protocol, and it almost ensures you will get results from your training.

This trait is so unique to the Jump Manual as other programs focus on just one or two variables. This is why a lot of athletes who train with these programs don’t get any results.

Vertical Jump Nutrition

Nutrition… it’s such a crucial part in the equation, but so many people get it wrong. And it’s not surprising… almost all of the training programs I’ve looked at had zero information on it.

And yet, this variable has a tremendous effect on your vertical leap.

How could it be that almost all of the programs on the market neglect this?

I guess this is what sets apart the great from the mediocre.

Nutrition – a part most jump programs neglect.

With the Jump Manual you will learn how to optimize your diet to maximize your vertical gains.

Receiving the nutrients that you need to fuel your body will empower you to train harder and will allow you to heal faster, which will translate into better results.

Jump Manual has a complete diet plan that concentrates on muscle development and high intensity training.

Besides nutrition, the program also handles aspects like stability, balance, form, flexibility, etc.. – all of which are important ingredients necessary to help you jump higher.

12 Week Training

Sacrificing playing in favor of training will often be required.

In order to experience good results with The Jump Manual, you have to train for 12 weeks straight.

Athletes who finish the course usually end up jumping 30-40 inches above ground.

Of course, this result is entirely dependent on the fact that you do everything right and apply enough effort in each training session.

Knowing the principles of the program and applying them is important if you want to do well with the training. People who were determined and focused were able to add 9-12 inches to their vertical leap from using The Jump Manual.

Professional Support

Support has always been an important part of a transformation, and the creators of The Jump Manual are well aware of it. To help with that, they built a forum that allows members of the program to interact with each other and help one another.

Inside the private members area you’ll also be able to read reviews and watch other people’s progress with the program.

You can learn a lot just by looking around the forums and seeing other people go through the same process.

But I know what you’re thinking…

Although the forums is a nice perk to have, you and I both know that there’s no substitute for a professional looking into your case.

No worries though, because you can always turn to the source and ask whatever it is that you want regarding the program. You’ll have direct access to the creator of the program, coach Hiller himself, who’s very quick to respond to emails from my experience.

High quality support is invaluable.

Being alone in any quest you’re in makes it harder. This is the reason why I loved the email and forum support so much – they provide you with ongoing support until you successfully complete the program.

And I won’t sit here and deny that the whole process wasn’t hard, there were many times I wanted to quit in the middle. But when you know someone’s checking in on you and you know there’s  someone there to help you, it helps tremendously to stay in the course.

I have nothing but good things to say about Jacob Hiller, the developer of this program… he spent half of his life researching and testing to perfect his methods, and it showed in his support.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re still on the fence about this program and if the reviews from people all over the web did not convince you, then you can always take The Jump Manual for a test drive for 60-days and see if it works. Worst case, you just shoot an email to their support and they’ll refund you every penny.

But I’m sure this is not gonna happen, because once you’ll see for yourself how effective and dependable the program is, you won’t want your money back. You’d realize that this was one of the smartest investments you ever made, and you’d be delighted with your ability to slam dunk.


Thank you for reading.

More information on this program can be found on Jesse Parker’s Basketball Workout Tips.

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