The Benefit of Weight Lifting For Basketball

There are many different benefits to basketball weight training. Most of them have to do with the overall strength that is gained from doing the exercises. Weight lifting is beneficial for most players because it allows them to perform at a higher level in most cases. However, it seems like many players still don't understand... Continue Reading →

4 Mistakes That Stop You From Increasing Your Vertical Jump

  So you finally decided on starting to build up for that dunk and train your vertical jump? Good! Through the exercising of many practices, you should be able to increase your vert and jump higher, especially if you're a basketball player and you go to the rim often. Nonetheless, efficient vertical leap training is... Continue Reading →


Welcome guys! This is the first post on my site. I'm very excited since I've never had a personal blog before and I wanna make this site one of the best basketball training blogs ever. I'm also doing it for my own to motivate me and push me, I hope that by creating a small... Continue Reading →

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