The Benefit of Weight Lifting For Basketball


There are many different benefits to basketball weight training. Most of them have to do with the overall strength that is gained from doing the exercises. Weight lifting is beneficial for most players because it allows them to perform at a higher level in most cases.

However, it seems like many players still don’t understand the significance and different benefits of lifting weights and how it eventually relates to their game.

So to prove my point, here are two simple exercises I chose as an example and how they can you help you:

Overhead Press

Doing overhead lifting is usually advisable for increasing shoulder strength. Your shoulders need to be strong in order to shoot the ball on a consistent basis.

When you have adequate shoulder strength you can take shots from further out and have higher precision. This is especially beneficial for you if you’re trying to increase your range.

Bench Press

If you asked me, doing the bench press exercise helps you train more intensely. This is beneficial to the entire team because when you can overcome something that pushes against your chest it’ll be super beneficial to everyone playing on your side.

Think about it for a second.

If you can resist and stand your ground on the court, as well as move people with your strength, you gain such an immense edge over your competition.

I really like Scott Herman’s straight forward approach for this.

Bottom line is this, anyone who does exercises that involve pushing something heavy will ultimately be able to get a higher level of strength compared to someone who doesn’t.

The average guy usually doesn’t realize that he needs to do different exercises every day to maximize certain muscle groups, and as long as he doesn’t implement this method of training he’ll never be able to achieve his overall objectives.

As you probably guessed by now, such a player will not really beneficial to the team in general because everyone needs to be as strong as they possibly can.

Don’t Forget To Lift Light As well


Badass light weight lifter

Lift Light!?

You probably think I’m kiddin’, right?

Well, no. Not at all.

It’s also a good idea to lift light and work with smaller weights so that the repetitions that you do are being done in a better form.

Some people think that lifting heavy is the only way to gain strength. This is not necessarily the case. Instead, people should try to work on the lower weights and get their performance and form down first.

This is also helpful as you train other types of muscle fibers (slow fibers) and it’s generally a good practice for injury prevention and recovery.


Start lifting bro!

This post barely scratches the surface of the many benefits weight training has to offer for basketball players. It has to do with shooting, rebounding, your vertical jump, resisting fatigue and more.

The point is this, a lot of people still don’t use this type of training in their routine. Instead they focus on endurance training and other aspects of playing rather than focusing on physical strength. As you can see, this is quite detrimental and it can really limit your options as a player.

If you’re looking to become a versatile and effective player on the court, then weight training is definitely something you should consider doing on a regular basis.


4 Mistakes That Stop You From Increasing Your Vertical Jump



So you finally decided on starting to build up for that dunk and train your vertical jump?


Through the exercising of many practices, you should be able to increase your vert and jump higher, especially if you’re a basketball player and you go to the rim often.

Nonetheless, efficient vertical leap training is not just about doing the exercise or just jumping, you also need to make sure that your routines and the practices you follow actually facilitate the development of your vertical jump.

Here are the most common mistakes I see people make all the time when it comes training their vertical.

1) Training Their Jumping Endurance

This is when people execute an extreme amount of reps and go for volume instead of intensity.

The only thing that this form of training is going to do for you as an athlete’s is to increase your aerobic endurance, it cannot enhance your vertical leap explosion! That’s why you should switch it up and focus on doing only 8-15 (which are more than sufficient) intense reps and quality, not quantity, should be your main focus when training.

It would be a waste of time and energy to perform an excess of 100 to 1000 reps because it will simply exhaust you, and your jumps wouldn’t even improve.

2) Too Much Weight



I see this all the time in the gym. People racking up more weights on the bar when squatting thinking it would get them to jump higher.

But here’s the truth.

Excessive weight training usually only results in injuries and fatigue. What happens is that essentially, you’re overusing your joints and that’s when things starting to go south and you get injured.

This is really detrimental for your vertical jump and only causes it to become lower.

Fatigue as a consequence of excessive weight training will also minimize your overall performance. This mistake is generally made by people who believe that their jump will develop faster if they do more work in the weight room.

But as you see, that’s quite the contrary.

Only a few inches could be added to your vertical jump when you’re doing an ample amount of weight training. There’s absolutely no benefit in doing excessive weight lifting and too much squats. The movement of your body will become slower. For this reason you need to avoid of working with extreme weights to ensure that your jumping ability will stay on the rise.

3) Neglecting Nutrition

Another big problem that sports athletes do is putting too much focus on physical exercise while they disregard the significance of proper nutrition. Getting the appropriate nutrition is very important as it guarantees that the body will function properly. Keep in mind that our body needs carbs for our day to day activities, protein to promote muscle power, and good fats to balance our hormone function.

4) Not Getting Enough Recovery

Not getting enough rest and sleep in a day is another explanation why individuals find it difficult to improve their vertical leap. While you fall asleep, the body is able to recover itself. Your body won’t be able to recover from the injuries it endured during your training if you did not give it enough time to do so. Therefore it is important to space your workouts and give your muscles the rest they need. When the body is fully recovered it also enables you to become more sharp and focused on your trainings so you’ll train even better.

Another frequent mistakes that basketball players make is executing extreme training workouts. Many athletes, after they’re done with their weight training they typically wind up playing pick up games instead of getting proper rest. If this unhealthy practice is repeated everyday, then your body will eventually fail. It is suggested to have at least 2 hours rest after a demanding physical workout with a good recovery meal.

The Jump Manual Vertical Leap Training


These mistakes and many more, are things I learned about only after going through the Jump Manual program and its materials from the blog at

Many others are broken down in there as well, but the Jump Manual itself is a program by coach Jacob Hiller and it’s considered to be “The Bible” of vertical jumping because it really de-mythifies a lot of the myths and mistakes people tend to make with their vertical jump training.

If you really want to maximize the results you’re getting from your training I highly recommend that you use some of the practices that the Jump Manual offers.

Here’s some more information about Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual where he explains a common mistake people make in relation to anabolic and catabolic responses of the body.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Stay tuned for more content on vertical jump training soon.

How To Gain An Edge Over Your Competition By Improving Your Jump Skills

Quick fact:

Basketball players need to learn how to increase their vertical jump!

Actually it’s not just basketball players, it’s also volleyball players, football players, etc..

By improving this skill, everyone will do better in their sports.

The problem is, not everyone are born with “jumping genetics” or can be referred to as natural jumpers.

If you believe you fall within that category of people who were not blessed with the godly talent of jumping high, but you still want to be able to dunk like Derrick Rose and be a badass on the court, know that there are some things you can do to add at least 5 to 10 inches to your vertical jump.


A vertical jump test

The Strength Factor

The first thing that you need to start doing is to improve your overall muscle strength. For this to happen you need to start befriending with the iron plates and do some strength training.

Since you are aiming to improve your vertical jump, your exercises must be more focused on improving the muscle strength of your lower extremities, i.e. your legs. This will increase the output that you’re able to generate when jumping.

Pumping iron or other ways to boost your strength is highly important. However, overdoing it can be detrimental to your vertical as it also slows you down.

Single Leg back squats from a seated position is a good starting point for strengthening the quadriceps muscles.

Range of Motion

knee-range-of-motionIncreasing your range of motion is one of the most effective ways to boost your vertical jump. Every workout you do should consist of some form of range of motion increasing activities as it assists you with making more use of your muscles with less risk of an injury.

In fact, experts invented these routines particularly to increase your flexibility. This is made to prevent muscle tightening, which really prevents you from jumping high.

As a rule of thumb, the more range of motion you have and the more flexible you are, the more force you’ll be able to create when jumping. It’s important that you pay attention to which muscle groups you need to work on that limit your flexibility, that way it’ll be easier for you to enhance your jumping capacity.

Core Importance

Did you know that it’s equally important to work on your core as you work on your legs in order to make a difference on your vertical. This is because a strong core is where the energy to the legs actually begins.

Yes, when you’re coming to jump, the thing that sets off your hands and legs is actually your core.

There are different methods of strengthening they body’s core. These include plank variations and one-legged squats. A good core routine will also be effective for enhancing your overall running speed, as well as strengthen and stabilize your peripheral muscles to reach higher heights when jumping.


Everything begins from your core!

For a good core series consider making use of the Jump Manual if you want a vertical leap training that is strategic and efficient. This program provided me with a systematic set of workouts that enabled me to transform my jumping height.

Proper nutrition is also a key factor and it’s heavily emphasized in this manual because it just has a profound impact on your vertical leap and you’re ability to recover.

Derrick Rose Vertical Jump Workout – How He Managed to Get a 40 Inch Vertical

Born in the city of Chicago, Derrick Rose has generally dominated the basketball court. His great skills, amazing upper body strength and a 40 inch vertical jump makes him not easy to defend, particularly in a one on one situation.

rose-verticalDerrick started off showcasing his abilities at the Beasley Education school, His primary school. He was a member of the team in senior high school ball at Simeon Profession Academy exactly where he started getting noticed and building a good name for him self – an identity that could be observed throughout Chicago. He leaded Simeon to 2 consecutive championships and was perceived to be the next basketball contender for Illinois.

Soon after high school graduation, Rose decided to join the Memphis Tigers, in which, in his 1st year, he took them for the playoffs where they lost to Kansas at the end. Immediately after his initial year, Derrick proclaimed his competing for the NBA draft and was picked first all round 1ST by the Bulls.

Now in the NBA, Rose career keeps rising high. He has an image and publicity that most other players could only dream of having. Within the NBA, expertise can only take you that far. Derrick matches his abilities with an incredible perseverance and hard work.

Derrick Rose Exercises

Rose is without a doubt among the most athletic players in the NBA, the guy can definitely jump…

But there is however far more to him than simply his vertical leap.

In 2005, Derrick took part in the Nike Men Top level Skills Academy in Beaverton, Oregon, with a number of the nation’s greatest sophomore high school athletes. All of the players did drills designed to examine their Quickness, Speed, Power, Reaction and Agility – what made their all round SPARQ performance status.

Derrick finished with a 84.10 SPARQ Rating, very close to Brandan Wright. Rose, at just 6’1 outscored the top five in four of five tests groups. He made the fastest 20m dash – accomplishing the run in an absurd 2.65 seconds. He also had the greatest strength basketball toss while he thrown the ball 69 ft. Most impressively, he had the very best one thing-insane vertical jump gauging at 38.6 inches!

The guys is an athletic freak, he’s proficient in so many ways. But he does not consider himself anything special. He works out regularly on his vertical jump through the season and even more intensely during off-seasons.

To work on his agility, speed and explosion, Derrick does plenty of work that emphasize these skills. He does each and every exercise at least 6 times and finishes up with sprints to work on his power and acceleration.

Rose’s Training Tips

Rose keeps his jumping ability through doing lots of double and single lower body routines. He focuses on single leg squats to help him develop power not just in the muscular tissue, but also with the ligaments and tendons which support his knee joints and ankles over the long-term season.

Lunges and squats are also key components to obtain all round lower body strength after which he does crunches for core muscular strengthening too.


The Advantages of The Jump Manual in Improving the Height and Quality of one’s Vertical Leap

OK guys, I’ve decided to make my first serious post about something that I’ve always struggled with as a player: my vertical jump. It is necessary that you learn how to jump higher if you want to have a career in the game of basketball. By having a great vertical leap, players will become better and more versatile in the court. Nonetheless, many people find it hard to jump higher. If that’s the case, you need to consider using The Jump Manual so you can improve your jumping skills effectively.


As an athlete, you will have the capability to do an excellent vertical explosion if you work on developing your speed and strength. You’ll discover appropriate tactics on how to jump higher and perform better in sports if you utilize this manual. If followed religiously, the details in this downloadable eBook will let you to maximize your strength, endurance and neurologic response. Videos, photos, and printable workout instructions are also included in The Jump Manual.

For a long time I’ve debated with myself about what is the best vertical leap guide but The Jump Manual manages to be the very best training program I’ve tried (backed up by Sports Illustrated). This manual shows all the nine variables affecting the vertical leap of athletes. Moreover, its versatility ensures that users will really take pleasure in effective results throughout trainings. The other programs are just focusing on one or two variables. That is why results that will be experienced by individuals in such programs are unfavorable.

There are plenty of training programs that excluded the nourishment part. However, this variable could affect your jump significantly. Be assured that you will learn how to receive the right nourishment through the help of The Jump Manual. Receiving the nutrients that you need means your body will be more empowered and it will heal faster. The manual will give you a diet plan that concentrates on muscle development. The other variables that the program has handled involves stability, balance, form, fuel, and flexibility among others.

vertical-leap-workoutTo be able to experience good results regarding this program, you have to often train for 12 weeks. Once you’ve finished the training, you’ll be able to jump 40-44 inches above the ground. Of course, this result is dependent on the amount of effort applied throughout the training. Knowing the principles of the program is your duty that’s why you should always do great with your training. In fact, people who are determined and focused were able to add nine inches in their vertical leap just 2 weeks after they begin using The Jump Manual.

Communication is also significant, and the creators of The Jump Manual is well aware of that. This is the main reason why they have a forum website that gives members of the program the opportunity to interact with each other. There, you could also read reviews as well as other opinions regarding the manual. Here, you’ll fill yourself with knowledge regarding the manual. Moreover, for any concern regarding the program, you have the liberty to send emails always.

Being alone in any endeavor you are in make things more complicated. This is the primary reason why email support and forum site services are accessible – to provide you constant assistance until you successfully complete the program. It is a fact that the whole training process is laborious; nevertheless, your goals become easy to achieve knowing that someone is there to help you all along.

Jacob Hiller is the developer of The Jump Manual who spent over 10 years researching for effective methods. It cannot be helped if you’re having doubts about this training manual. If the testimonies from professional athletes don’t satisfy you, then you can avail the 60-day trial. With this, you’ll see how effective and dependable this manual is.

More information on this program can be found on Jesse Parker’s Basketball Workout Tips blog.

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